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About Us

Holistic Architect. Permaculture and Carpentry Enthusiast. Simple Living Fan. Vegetarian. 'Dad Joke' Teller. Realist.

I use the term holistic architect because I believe your home should enable you AND your surrounding environment to thrive. 

By thriving, I mean feeling energised and well; supported to grow and realise your full potential; feeling connected to the flow of life.

Over the past 17 years I've been weaving together skills and experiences to craft my approach to holistic architecture.

Beyond formal training as an architect, I've honed my knowledge in diverse disciplines from permaculture and sustainable building techniques to embracing the principles of simple living and sharing.

It gives me real joy to help people, like you, create snug and safe sanctuaries - places that support you to use resources wisely, while consciously and positively engaging with the natural world.

I have a deep commitment to making architecture accessible and relevant to everyone.

The core themes of my architectural practice are:
- Affordable sustainable housing
- Aged care housing
- Community development
- Disaster relief

The principles that guide my work are:
- Designs that are flexible and suit a variety of block types, and orientations
- Designs that foster an indoor-outdoor relationship
- Construction that suits owner builders, from pre-fabricated to highly customised
- Construction that is durable and ages gracefully
- Warmth in winter
- Cool in summer
- Small footprint
- Affordable price tag
- Clever storage solutions


 TIny House build in Melbourne

TIny House build in Melbourne